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Anyone know neovinci contact info?


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I need to contact this modder for permission to use stuff from their mods in an edit of a mod I am making and so far it does not look good.


Their blog page has no email section, it is in korean I dunno where it would be and google translate doesn't help much with that.


The modder is on nexus and looking at one of his mods he recently posted this comment at the top of the comments section there for the witch armor by neo cbbe mod: "Steam and Bethesda.... seriously? I'm considering block or remove all my mods."



Someone have experience with this modder and permissions? I searched the search tool here on LL for the author and got no results so they were never around here?

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Must be signed in to message them...


Any other methods of contact? I don't want to give the impression I am making something that will go on nexus I want the modder to know where it is going aka here and maybe they are mad at nexus too? The only links are a dam facebook page and a korean blog both of them don't have an email address:-(

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Yeah, gonna have to jump through hoops for that one. Don't know if proxies work on nexus or not. Most boards hosted in the uk are run by snoberators that block all proxies somehow. Just thought if someone has dealt with this modder before they can tell me if permission was given or not and what that modder stance is on porn mods using his stuff.

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