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strange Markarth mod


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Sorry, no screenies as my F12 key has a schedule of its own.


I have noticed coming and going from Markarth that the banners outside the gates and Jarl's hall have this enormous fluro green bold typed lettering naming the city on them.  it's awful but i cannot recall for the life of me which mod it is to go and disable it.  


Anyone know?

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It's the default placeholder texture for the Markarth banners. A mod you have installed put those banners out, but didn't give them a texture. So it is using the placeholder texture.


You'll need a mod to cover that texture like Markarth City Banner Retexture or Designs of the Nords (I think Designs of the Nords fixes it, can't remember). If you're using the Hi-Res Texture Pack, get the Unoffical Patch for it. It should fix it as well I believe.

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Try this:  goto Skyrim\Data\textures\clutter


You will see several banners of the towns listed in the format of: citybannerXXXX01.dds where the XXXX is the name of the  city.  These will probably look fine, except for citybannermarkarth01.dds with the neon nighclub 'Markath' letters on it.   Just Remove that texture (rename it to a-citybannermarkarth01 or something else).  This might solve the problem as is without needing to add any additional replacer citybannermarkarth01.dds . 


That happened to me either when I replaced my textures for Tamriel Reloaded HD/OR/unpacked the BSAs for Skyrim Hi Res packs.  Something was added that was not needed.

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