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I posted this thread on the mod's page, but it appears to be dead. So if you don't mind...


When engaged in sex with Horses/Wolves, the penis does not become erect. But the meshes (flaccid) are still visible on all creatures. Also, the erect/flaccid meshes swap works with trolls and chaurus. For other creatures? I don't know.. I've only seen horses and wolves not working correctly so far.


I only downloaded MoreNastyCritters to get SexLab NudeCreatures with it as well. But since I wasn't seeing any erect penises, I installed the latest version of SLNC, and overwrote it with the previous version. Yet, no penises are erect.


I should also mention that the animations work though! Just that the penis is not erect.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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