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Dead Or Alive 5: LR - Marie Rose see-through variations

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Thought I'd make a new thread, as the first re-texture was pretty much buried in the main DOA5LR modding thread.


In this pack you'll find multiple different colorvariations for the blue and white "latex"/spandex/whatever swimsuit outfits and additional details to customize the outfits with. (all with screenshots to make choosing your favorites easier.)

Instructions in the pack. (Tried to make it very "newbie friendly")


Oh and if anyone has the know-how to make the nipples actually poke out just a bit in the model - that'd be great! 

Overall I'm ok with people improving on this and editing this if they want. Crediting me would be nice though  :)


Any requests of other re-colors, feedback and notes of mistakes I've possibly made etc. are very welcome :D

(I am very new to this - so there might be some blatant newbie mistakes in there, in one way or another(?))




More sample screenshots:






Download (all in one pack):

Marie Rose see-through latex.rar



More of me blabbering in the spoiler... ;)





All outfits have some subtle imprint of "what's under" - but not too much.. I tried to make it look kinda realistic - you be the judge how well I managed to pull that off...heh. The lighter outfits show more, naturally..



Also, if someone wants these outfits/re-colors without nudity - I suppose I can make them aswell  :)


At some point I'll look into bumping the texture resolutions up and trying to make them more detailed.. And to try and figure out how the other "channels" and textures work, considering shine etc... I hope I can learn something by reading the threads here, heh :) Been into modding for a loong time, but this is the first time I'm trying it. 


ANYWAY - I hope people like this... worked for a few days straight - for the joy of people who are as much into "all things customization" as I am.  :) I hope there's no stupid mistakes, as I did work pretty tired yesterday, but I think I did double-check everything today... :o




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