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Captured Dreams Shop devices question


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I've started visiting the Captured Dreams Shop, and bought collars and restraints for my followers (I'm using AFT). All of the followers are slaves from Mia's Castle, including Mia. I gave a collar to one of my followers, and she put it on immediately. The rest of the followers, it just goes into their inventory.


So how do I get the rest to wear their new gear? I've tried several different times, at different arousal levels, and it makes no sense.


Any ideas?

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Thanks Reaper. I will pop back in and check to see if there is a conversation item that I missed. Some of the other items sold by the shop just pop-up a box with an 'OK' button, when given to a follower.


Sorry, didn't want to give any spoilers away...

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Did you mess with the inventory settings in AFT?

( cause in my experience it's kinda bugged when you manage their outfits for city, home and standard )


The collars equip on the neck equipment slot, if your followers have something better (more valuable) already equip they wont use the collar until you remove it from their inventory.




You can try forcing them to equip the item with the console:


- Bring up the console with the [ ~ ] key.

- Target the character [ click on them with the arrow ]

- Type [ showinventory ]

- Page Up and Down to find the collar reference number.

- Type [ equipitem # ] and that should make them equip it.

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Today I found the collars in their backpacks. So, I took them back, and gave them back to them. If I manage their outfits, I can get them to wear the collar, or the cuffs. The rest go into the backpack, and I can't remove them, I get messages about cannot unlock the collar.


So, I will keep trying different combinations to see if something works.

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