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  1. Is there something specific that triggers an event?
  2. Found him, thanks. Only problem now is 3rd person is stuck in the bunny hop. Probably due to console command use. Thanks for helping
  3. Got an issue with a Chastity Belt and Bra that don't respond to any key i can find, High Security or otherwise. Console commands won't remove them either. Any Ideas? I got them waking up from the cryo freeze cutscene, if that helps
  4. Very much so. As I said, it was just a thought that occurred to me.
  5. A thought occurred to me the other day. Would it be possible for Laura and/or Katarina to react differently or have an event with a chance to fire if your character is someone's slave, or different dialogue choices perhaps? Maybe they ask the owner to make use of you for a fetch or delivery quest and pay the owner?
  6. Good to know. Sadly, other issues have led me to give up on AAF entirely, so it became a non-issue. Thanks for the reply, though
  7. Question for anyone who might be able to answer: How does one solve an issue when going into an animation causes the camera to insert itself into the Earth and refuse to leave under any circumstances? Generally I have to exit the game entirely and restart it in order to reenable the controls, as the end of the animation doesn't release the camera from the ground.
  8. How does one get rid of the text on the left side of the screen?
  9. Does this mod allow for the restraints to appear as loot, or be applied in case of defeat?
  10. I don't see any listing of device types, so I'm just going to ask, does this mod come with anything requiring the High Heels system? I looked through the install instructions on it, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort to me for what I would need.
  11. Should I be concerned that some mods installing in the order in the guide have options that require other mods on the list to enable some options? Or do I have to install them all, then go back through and reinstall them to use the extra options? Using MO if that means anything
  12. I'm getting a "no valid game data" error in MO, and in the installer when I added it to MO, is that a serious problem?
  13. TB_force_join_clan is an unknown command when I attempt to use it
  14. Just a note, that event can allow you to go beyond the normal limit on companions for your clan tier. Currently sitting at 10/9 companions
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