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Getting the most from Blockhead?


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I really want all that Blockhead has to offer, but am not sure how to set up BH the way the author intended, aside from genders having their own head .NIFs. :)




Now, I am reading about body .NIFs  and animations and am quite confuse on folder structures and whatnot. Yes, I have the ReadMe, and well.... read it. lol. The instructions are a bit (for lack of better words) "vague" to me. An example setup would be the better case for me, rather than the ReadMe instructions, which are a bit intimidating.




What I am asking for, is it possible that someone who has installed BH to it's full extent, to possibly show me a few snapshots of how their setup is? Really am satisfied with the genders having their own head .NIFs and head textures, but I am still curious on what BH can really do.



I don't know if this counts for anything, but I do not use any PC/NPC over haul other than what HGEC and Robert's provides.

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Hello, gregathit. It has been a while, my friend. :)



Ah, SetBody Reloaded. Pretty much glanced right over this. lol. Gonna use it.... after I have glossed up all those .NIFs. Thank you.



My problem, and this has everything to do with this thread, is I am too much of a perfectionist. This leads to me practically spending a whole day on Oblivion. Mind you now, I am not even playing, but testing mods I use. lol.



Thanks again.  :lol:

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