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Lets you play as a ash spawn from the dragonborn dlc.


Some ash ghouls may be limited to solstheim but this lonesome ash ghoul have wandered long enough to have made it into skyrim doing whatever it hearts carves.. until someone puts it down for just existing and looking like a monster, rather sad.


This ash spawn has wandered so far that it picked up some new tricks, it somehow figured to summon a ash hopper from its finger tips and also the ability to shoot ash embers from both hands instead just the left. but some things don't seem to work correctly, like when it dies it doesn't turn into ash it just ragdolls.. The reason: the screen goes completely blanks out and doesn't load the last saved game but you still have full control. so no ash death for now.


There may be some clipping with the back of ash spawns head when wearing head objects but why would you, that be a silly thing to do. this will also make the ash spawn weapons playable and added craftable versions of them along with the unenchanted kind, make sure to have it at the bottom of the load order, some mods might end up touching these weapons and make them unplayable again.


Comes with a custom voice so it wont be silence but it may be disturbing to some of you when the ash spawn runs..

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