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Help! I got the mismatched body head problem after opening showracemenu to increase my players age for roleplaying purposes! Before I've been able to get rid of it when changing body replacers by adding the two lines to fallout.ini and the ini file in the main folder but now no matter what I do it just won't harmonize (at one point body turned lilac). It looks really stupid because it's a black character.


I've also tried installing / uninstalling in FOMM and NMM. I've read that I could also do a "master upgrade" and change some file from .esp to .esm but which file? The only bodyreplacer I'm using right now is sexout default and that's already in an esm file I guess? I've also read that another way to adress this is to go in some kind of "npc page" and set something to "can be any race", where can I find this npc page?


Thankful for any input

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