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Exiled, a roleplayish thread

Guest Comrade DR. MAHUJ DIK

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Guest Comrade DR. MAHUJ DIK

Every TES probably imagined at least once what would happen if suddenly were transported to tamriel. But what would happen if the whole LL comunity where transported to 4E skyrim a wek after alduin is defeated by the dovahkin? We would be considered a new race but how would we be called? what would be our starting skills and racials? where would we setle and how would whe interact with the other races?


The objective of this thread is to make a colective roleplay that focus not only in your character but in the whole group.



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No-erd Race


"Hailing from another dimension they call 'Erth' these out-of-shape men and women appear much as other humans, from dark skinned Redguards to pale skinned Nords, but for their squinty eyed, bewildered gaze and unhealthy pallor bespeaking of years spent indoors. They've taken up residence in various shanty-towns throughout the Rift and in the areas between Whiterun and Riverwood because the rest of Skyrim is too cold. They can use unintelligible babble to Bamboozle humanoid enemies."


One Handed - 5 (har har)

Speechcraft - 5

Alchemy - 5

Illusion - 5

Alteration - 5

Light Armor 5

(Nerds don't excel at any practical skill, hence no 10)


Meme of Bamboozling - Nerds are able to spout strange phrases garnered from some arcane source they call 'intarwebz' which can confuse humanoids for 60 seconds.


Pervert Vision - Nerds are able to perfectly envision how a humanoid (or creature!) would look in skimpy (or no) clothes.



Yes, this is a joke post. I couldn't help it.

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