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Recomended ENB presets?


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Hello, I am looking for a new enb preset to use, the one I used to use was Project ENB fantasy version, however after adding some more textures mods its not running very well with that enb, so I am looking for a new one, preferably a fantasy preset that looks decent without using quite as much power as Project ENB does.


I am using radeon R9 270 gpu and Fx6300 processor, with 8gb of ram.

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Should be fine with Project ENB on that setup, just turn off SSAO and DOF. Then use something like Dynavision if you want Depth of Field still. It's soft and subtle (the static version at least) and still looks great.


Disabling those two will give you a huge fps increase.



Otherwise, if you want a more performance friendly ENB that barely eats up anything (every ENB will eat a little, regardless), check out RealLike ENB. Use the performance version. Looks great still, and runs really well. It has a DOF as well that is alright, but disabling it will give you more performance if you need it. Then again, just use Dynavision for your Depth of Field (Dynavision is great if you want a playable DOF at no performance loss).

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Can't stand depth of field at all, as for SSAO  pretty sure that were already off, I was using the max performance version of Project ENB, after turning off the enb the game runs fine again so that has to be the issue.


Will try reinstalling it just to make sure that was witht he performance version, if not I will try your other suggestion  :)

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Hmm,  I wonder if the issue could be a conflict with Realistic Lighting Overhaul, removed that mod and it works fine again, will have to look into that.


Edit: nope, RLO + Project ENB is killing fps, I will try the other enb you suggested


Second Edit: Realike enb is working fine with RLO, I will play with it for a while and see if I like it  :D


Third Edit: out of curiousity, if I wanted better ENB performance the thing to upgrade would be GPU correct? I was thinking about upgrading my GPU to something like the 380 when AMD releases their next card set, Or just getting Gtx 970 if the 300 series turns out poorly

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