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Follower face trade by swapping files?


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There are 2 follower mods that I really like but 1 Looks really good but has boring vanilla dialog the other one really has in depth dialog and levels nicely but not a fan of her looks. But anyways I would like to swap the hair a face to the other one for my own game play only. Somone else did this but i could not contact them : \ .


The followers I want the put the face and hair of this one >>>>> Ulrica http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/59114/? To this one >>>>>> Vilja http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26393/?


Please guys help me with this one :D . I have tried to figure it out my self but no luck :(

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Understood I did look around with no luck on this topic and I posted on nexus only to be ignored. Just skimming thru http://www.loverslab...ze-viljas-face/ cause I gotta run to work soon quick question. By what I saw I can use that to copy Ulrica's face to Vilja by using the .esp?


No, it's a tutorial of how to replace any NPC's face with another.  You do need to have some knowledge of nifskope and Skyrim file paths to know how to do it.  If you don't it's well worth the time to learn and replacing faces is just copying and pasting stuff.  It's how I learned to make my first mod for personal use. 


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that won't work, most follower use a custom race


open sofia head nif

open x head nif


copy paste x hair in sofia nif, rename to the same name there is in sofia nif, delete original hair

you only need the morph for the rest, so a copy paste of the nitrishapedata is enought

then either you left sofia texture, or copy paste x texture path, or pick new ones"

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