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Can someone please help me find the mod/mods I'm not sure exist?


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Hello, sorry for the vague title but I wasn't sure how to go about explaining this in the title.


I'm new to sex labs and the only mod I have sampled is the Amorous Adventures (AA). Fantastic mod! Though I'm after something a little more challenging or skill-based that doesn't mess with who the characters are and their vanilla story (in AA the mother and daughter thing was a bit too messed up for me :D) so something that is more of an additive to the npcs.


So is there mods that enable you to gain attraction with npcs and eventually lead to sex? and still allows you to marry in the game?


I'm pretty conservative about this stuff which is why AA got a bit too crazy for me in places, though some of it was lol! I'm really just after making the Skyrim experience more realistic by enabling the attraction and sleeping with the women :) I guess I'm after something like Fable (though haven't played fable, but heard they have something like this in the game)


So any recommendations you think would be useful would be very much appreciated :)

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Thanks cookies! Just for the record your mod was pretty awesome! But yeah the mother daughter thing weirded me out a little as well as the Ysolda and the mammoth tusk (though that was pretty funny) I think a more lore friendly and conservative option would be an awesome update ;) I loved what you did with the barmaid from bannered mare. It actually added to her character really well. You are a proper artist with manipulating that dialogue.


Great! I have just installed Aroused, Approach, Attraction and Lovers Comfort, and will add these that you reccomended. No idea how they work though. I look at Lydia and press N and it just says she isn't attracted to me and I'm not attracted to her even though I'm standing there with my shlong out :D Any idea how those all work? How is sex instigated? It's hard to imagine without some sort of dialogue going on like with AA.



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Gee, you'll have to read the Mod Descriptions for them.  SexLab Romance is dialogue and based on skill somewhat.  Amorous Adventures was originally based off it.  Spouses Enhanced, well you have to be married.  I think Lovers Comfort adds to the Spouses as well.



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