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Irreversible skeleton deformation


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 Need a good tutorial or a little technical guidance about proper sequence of animation creation for TES4 in 3ds Max. Just started to create new poses for CTAddPose and faced an issue. Default "Restore Animation" in this mod works fine with original animation contained in this mod, but it seems like an animation i created is using unproper bones or something and this glorious mod is not able to turn it back to normal.

 I suspect it's all because of "scale bones" usage. But i'm not sure.


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Youtube would be your best bet on tutorials.


Friendly advice: Never touch ANY scale bones.  Using them can have a myriad of negative consequences.  Animating is tough work and frustrating work.  Much of it you will only learn through mistakes unfortunately.  


To make it easier to avoid using bones that cause trouble, I recommend using Gerra6's "animating" skeleton.  It is a stripped down version of Growlf's skelly (it is LAPF compatible).  Use it only for animating:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13516-lovers-animation-workshop-skeleton-mark-ii/

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