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Best body for giant breasts?

Bonnie Lass

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Hello everyone, I've been away for a while and I'm hoping that there's been some new developments while I've been gone.


I'm mainly interested in what people consider to be the best mods for giant breasts right now. I want to see some fantastic proportions! CBBE Bodyslide just didn't look very appealing and had all sorts of clipping issues.


I'm also interested in whether or not there's a good futa mod yet, or if there's still just the one futa mod that uses a model for the crotch that I honestly don't find all that appealing.

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THE POWER IS BOOBS!! *Captain planet pose*

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 wow that are rly big breast she dont need use shild when fight  :lol:



with such Lolos, they fit through no door,gefuehle_0151.gif

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