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Quest fail to start


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Ok, so I started a complete new game with a totally new installed skyrim with skyre and sand of time. Now Bleak falls Barrow quest wont start after talking to the jarl, setstage MQ103_10 or 50 wont help, any one know if skyre or sand of time could have anything to do with this? its a bit enoying when quest not pop up as they should....first time I got this on BFB.
Any suggestions how to workarround this. I dont relly like the idea of deaktivate skyre or sand of time, with my luck if doing so my rig will most likely bloing up in peaces. :s

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Load the save before you talked to Jarl (if have any) and start the quest by going to Riverwood and talking to the Lucan, the trader about returning his claw back. Once you got the claw from the dead Arvel and learn the first shout from the wall, the quest will activate.


Thanks m8, that rly helpt. hate when such bugs turns up.

hope everything is fine whit you

Take care


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