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new to Fallout 3 what are must-have mods

Lyrius Cantor

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Hi all, 


after playing a lot of skyrim i thought about giving fallout a try as well. I got fallout 3 and was looking for mods, but for a newbie like me its very confusing what mods are for what game. can you give me a must-have list of great fallout 3 mods?


thanks all!

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If you allready played vanilla Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas (recommend until you find things you want to change)
i would suggest FWE / Fallout Wanderer Edition for Fallout 3
and Project Nevada for Fallout New Vegas.
Both are overhaul mods with lots of additions (grenade and sprint hotkeys, weapon packs, new gameplay effects, rebalance...).
And since you are on this forum you should have allready seen Sexout for New Vegas.


For Fallout 3 there is a special version of Sexout

and its own mod called Sexus


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In general all Sexout mods are for New Vegas. The only exceptions are the two mods i mentioned earlier and what the sexout for Fallout 3 mod can use

( don´t know never used it).


If you have both New Vegas and Fallout 3 you can use TTW / Tale of two Wastelands. It lets you play both games/worldspaces with the engine of New Vegas. That way you can use normal sexout and its plugins. There are even some plugins/addons directed at TTW.

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