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Becoming an Orc chief


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I had an idea to make a mod that let you become chief of the various Orc strongholds (with obvious potential future implications, given all the wives a chief keeps, but starting with a house to live in), and while I'm figuring out the elements that lead up to becoming chief, I know that it should occur by challenging and killing the current chief.


But that leads to a question: how do I kill the current chief without pissing off everyone else in the stronghold?  I have toyed around with removing him from factions and adding myself to factions and it doesn't seem to work.  I suppose I could go remove everyone there from the factions temporarily, that might work, but I was hoping to find a solution that only included changes to the player and the chief in question.  Anyone know the solution to this?



Also, if anyone has any (simple!) ideas for elements of the quest, I'd love to hear them.  So far I was just thinking of making the player go do the Forgemaster's Fingers quest (this whole idea is for Orc players, who don't get offered that quest normally), and potentially involving the brawl that you can trigger with the chiefs.  I could also do quests that don't require much or any scripting.  I'm just learning so it helps to use existing pieces with some alterations.


My initial idea was to start with interest in marrying Borgakh the Steel Heart, trying to win the favor of her father who sends you off on these errands only to ultimately tell you she can only marry a chief, and then you get the idea of a way to make that happen.  I then thought the quest could send you to do the Cursed Tribe quest (either now, or at the end), and add an element of Malacath naming you War Chief of all of Skyrim or something.  Either before that, or after (and because) of that, you could go to the other strongholds and challenge their chiefs as well.  Becoming chief of one stronghold gets you a certain amount of respect from all Orcs, and becoming chief of the stronghold they are associated with gets you even more respect from them.



But for right now?  I'm trying to figure out how to smash Chief Larak's head in without turning the whole stronghold against me.

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