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  1. I love this mod, but I am having a small problem with it. Sometimes when my character is amputated, I lose the ability to sneak or use shouts. This is usually after I use the heal function on my character. It also happens when I reload my game. I will attempt a partial reinstall to test if there's any conflicts, but so far I haven't found any. If anyone could help with this problem, I would really appreciate it. I saw this issue in this thread already, but couldn't find a work around.
  2. Hey everybody! Sorry to be away for so long, but I'm broke as a stoat and living in squalor. But it's not that bad, because I have good friends and warm weather. Happy 4th of July everybody! I'm still offline, but this weekend I'm watching my brothers cat so I brought my computer over to update. As soon as I went offline, Skyrim started breaking, but I've been fine up to level 20 for every character. I wanted to say that we have the best modding community in the ES world. Never has a game existed like the one we are creating right now. I don't even play other action RPGs anymore. Development of this mod has slowed down a bit. I can't get Sexlab scripts to compile at all, and I just don't feel like making fetch quests. All my quests would ideally have at least one sexual option to win. But I have been working on my cells alot. 3 more at least this time, and I hope to have optimized them alot more. I've also created some mods just for myself, including my own version of the lightsaber mod, 40k space marine battles, and randomized clothing for women via the luxury clothes collection (here somewhere). I have a great idea for a mod, but offline I don't need the hassle right now... so dig in. But replacing the courier with randomized pony girls. I think it needs the Devious Devices pony stuff to really be worth it. Basically, all you need to do is change the courier base to a levelled character. Then add beautiful slavegirls as needed. It could come in coed flavors too. I'm sorry I can't help compatibility issues right now, it would be too difficult to get back and forth. Awesome people here help me out with that stuff. Updating right now, getting CTDs.. so I gotta break off for a bit and hunt them down. hydragorgon
  3. Hey thanks everybody! I've been really busy moving, but I just want to say I'm still here thinking about you guys. Happy New Year to all my friends. I'm glad the new version is working well.I've had to scrap so many models to get the conversations to work without scripts. It's buggy, but I believe that's just how the Skyrim engine works. I will definitely be tuning the mod to add many more dialogues and make everything fit better. I honestly have a good time testing the mod and stalking my NPCs to hear convos. so far only about 1/3 of the npcs can talk to eachother, but that number will increase. hydragorgon
  4. Hey everybody! Happy holidays! Here's the new update. It is mostly a bugfix, but has one important new feature.. NPC conversations! Yes, some of the NPCs will talk to each other and verbally abuse their slaves. Right now it's a bit buggy, but I've spent literally weeks trying to get a non-script process for NPC communications. Of course everything is only subtitles. hydragorgon
  5. Hey guys, sorry for the quick pop-in.. RJLbwb - I know, I gotta write so much stuff! There are alot of dialogs for other NPCs in this mod. I've also been working rather unsuccesfully and dialogue scenes. writing dialog is a huge pain in the ass, so I've been avoiding it honestly. bury02128 - wow didn't even try that... second part of the dungeon coming soon! Old Book - I have 2 or 3 ideas regarding that, but am having problems with the scripts involved. In fact the zyxis dungeons were going to be part of a cannibal holocaust type thing. magdisko - the hidden corridor is part of planned expansion of that area. I need to write dialogue for it, and was planning on including some scenes. As of yet that hidden part is only half crafted. the reason I don't delete it is because it reminds me of my plans, and I like the sounds. updating my install so I can do some real play thrus. Cave Road West almost done, and I'm working on a second part of zyxis dungeon. hydragorgon
  6. Hey guys, sorry to be such a recluse. I have IRL problems, so I don't really concentrate on online responsibilities. Sorry about crash problems. My souped up compu can handle alot, so I don't have as many problems as other folks using these mods. I don't recommend overclocking like I do, because it can fry your computer. Especially in the summer. One of the reason my mod causes crashes is because of all the naked women. If you have sexlab arousal, which is a must for sure, there might be alot of extra calculations because of my mod. Stuff! The Temple of Zyxis the Foul - This is just the first of maybe 3-5 dungeons. I have a problem with crashes in this one because of Havoc physics. I thought I took care of it, but I haven't But I feel I can take care of it quite easily. I don't want this dungeon to encourage violence towards women. It just a reflection of a fantasy I have about a cult of shaven headed warrior women with a zombie sex angle. Only recently have I reflected on how this relates to my romantic past... Cave Road East - I already have an expanded version of this ready, as well as its partner the Cave Road West. This cell features horny trolls. So far it's meant to be pretty easy, but I'm testing the AI to be alot more challenging. I'm also gonna add more cells off of the main path. This Cave Road system is my solution to about three months of script failure. My intention was always to have an easier sandbox way to get to the Blackreach cave system. I feel like our community doesn't care so much about strict story balance as much as freedom of fun. Scripts - I suck at papyrus scripting. I've always been a cut and paste man, and Papyrus eludes me at every point. Anyone who would like ot offer me scripting help would be much appreciated. Random Giant Girl - I think I have it sorted out. This is a bug I never encountered, but is simple enough to find. I'm halfway there already. But the shock of gave me an idea.. The Mod Direction - best to add reliable content rather then shit around with stuff that doesn't work. Therefore the next release is an emergency bug fix with special bonus content. After that it's about cells, dialogue, and quests. Dialogue and quests are the same thing in Skyrim, and both are a pain to program. Cells are more forte, coming from source engine and other stuff. hydragorgon here's what I do in my spare time, a song about dragons.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62865010/SROS_Lords_Dragonflex.mp3 download link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62865010/Songs_for_LL.7z
  7. Hey everybody, sorry about being abesnt so much. IRL stuff. Just posted a new version of the mod. It containstwo new dungeons. Here's a brief description. Cave Road East - A dangerous cave system leading between the Cave Club East andthe new Cave Club Deep. The Cave Club Deep also has an entrance to Blackreach. Temple of Zyxis the Foul - An ancient ruin inhabited by a death cult of necrophiliac women. They are dedicated to a perverse prphet named Zyxis the Foul. here's a quick preview thanks hydragorgon
  8. I'm getting better at quotes! Hopefully I changed that. I like the way you play. As far as coding is concerned, I'm a bit of a noob. Also, there is the question of how much realism is needed vs FPS. SKSE scripts take up CPU, so I have to think about what's doable in an efficient way. I've been cutting down on AI demands, but this could be workable. Basically this is my proposal. I default Ai package that has slaves run away when their masters are dead. this would apply to caravn and other follower type slaves, but not to other more fanatical ones. Also escaped slave cells. A great way to do this would be to have a 'kill slavers' quest. the more victories the bigger the escaped slave camp would become. me too, but try give this esp on almost to the end load order It worked for me Which version of SKSE are you using? This was kind of like my Frostfall patch. It should have been an option, but I can do it via the no nude males patch system. Yes, please translate this to German. Ich sprech nicht deutche, like I said earlier. Just that, and wunderbar.. maybe a little bit of danke schoen, or be mir bist du schoen... german translations of house of gord or benson novels... a german version of dirty harry... schnell schnell! machen zie meine tag! Thanks alot OzoneHole. This mod version was prepared before the new SKSE 1.7.3 and the new version of Sexlab, so maybe that is causing problems. But for anyone that can get the mod to run, is it less stuttery? hydragorgon using 824 except for times where slaves run into they're masters or drop behind a lil then run to catch up everything is working perfect for me. Fuck yeah... that's about where it was set. i simplified the AI quite a bit. Now it's about building back up... Working on a dungeon! hydragorgon
  9. Damn Xaz told me about that months ago, and I thought I already did that! must have been lost in a weird version or something. Thank you very much for reminding me. Ich spreche nicht Deutch! Maybe a helpful German speaker could translate. I plan on adding hundreds of lines of dialogue this Spetember though. Complicated question. Could you clarify it for me a little bit? By the way, I also have problems with OBIS. OBIS seems to mess with base factions, which will always cause problems. Especially with loverslab stuff. Alot of our content modifies base factions in specific necessary ways. thats the smart folks who do that though... I just watch in wonder and fear. hydragorgon EDIT. also hows the FPS going?
  10. Hydra, I do run the latest version of the mod under SKSE 1.7.3 and SL 1.60. The mod runs quite well and have had no CTDs or freezing during playing. But, there were some twitching in some places like Falkreath and Whiterun. The good news was that when reduced the texture size using Ordenador mod, the game ran fine. Thanks alot, Elf Prince.. I'll have to check out this Ordenator mod. Whiterun is always tricky! The problem is that ignoring it would be unrealistic for a mod like this. Falkreath ends up a little cowded too, because I think it's so empty in the main game. As far as the update changelog, I'll do that right now. totally forgot about it. hydragorgon
  11. Thanks alot OzoneHole. This mod version was prepared before the new SKSE 1.7.3 and the new version of Sexlab, so maybe that is causing problems. But for anyone that can get the mod to run, is it less stuttery? hydragorgon
  12. Sorry guys, I had the full shitstorm last month. Death, disease, and heartbreak. I intended to at the end of July, but I just didn't have the time to deal with everything. Luckily this version is pretty well tested. What's the big difference this time? I basically redesigned almost all of the AI. Most of it I simply tweaked, but for major chunks of it I just fully redesigned everything. The changes seem to decrease stutter quite a bit, although for me the stutter seemed to be related to the hot summer. For the most part the NPCs are less lively, but I went around and tried to make sure the variety is more interesting. Why don't I make this mod better? Honestly it's two things; time and skill. One of the big problems with skyrim modding is that the more ambitious your project, the more likely it will break. I don't want to break peoples games. That's the reason for this redesign. I got too greedy, and my creativity ate up peoples' FPS. That's also why I don't have any real script integration right now. Many Skyrim players don't know how to clean their saves, so adding test scripts can be really dangerous. I planned and asking SkyrimLL and Xaz for help with scripts, but I haven't had the time. hoepfully this fall I will have a better situation for hobbies. hydragorgon
  13. Hey whats up everybody! Instead of releasing a lite patch, I decided to redo 1 sixth of the ai in the mod. besides that, I am also reducing and shaving off bits of the mod to make it more FPS friendly! here's a few examples Skyrim AI packages are not immediate. They often take a 'wait' to jar into compliance. For that reason, many of my main NPCs had default ai packages that took over during down time. I am now getting rid of those, tightening up the timing, and basically spacing schedules out in a more efficient way. young will NOT see as much random weirdness, but that's actually probably for the better. there is now only ONE group of AI packages left over from the original mod! An immediate drop in superflous NPCs! In at least three cases, I had several NPCs doing the job of one. this is particularly true about the alchemist and orc npcs, but there are a few besides that. the reason I left that old style NPC was because they worked better with scenes, but since none of my scenes work... its a moot point. Until later, in which case I'll re-implement old NPCs in a new way. Drinking beer! I'm a drunk! please buy me more beer! hydragorgon
  14. Hey what's up tacomancerx! there are definitely more, in fact I have about 105 right now, so 40 more than the first post. Slavetats is easier to add content to then Skyrim! My ultimate plan is to have a Slavetats option for my Slavegirls mod, but that's closer to endgame stuff. hydragorgon
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