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[Sims 4] Better corsets (breast less) by AnarchyInc

anarchy inc

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I made this one to compliment my nipple piercing mod, both are non-dependent of each other.



I kept getting pissed off that the "good" corset was full body only, so I turned it into a top and added two matching thongs (solid or mesh). I also did a bunch of re-texturing so that it actually looks good. This will add much more "mix and match" customability when doing the sim's outfits.

Currently in package:

black corset top

black thongs (solid and mesh)

red corset top

red thongs (solid and mesh)

fishnet stockings

added white, blue, and pink


[WIP] To do:

Add more color choices (each one takes at least an hour)







Mod is no longer being supported: I became bored with this game after a few hours and needed hard drive space for my 30gb mod folder in Skyrim. Attached is "mod.zip" if anyone wants to take over, it includes all the original files that I used to create the mod. I only ask that you don't upload to any pay wall sites.

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