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[Sims 4] Body Jewery by AnarchyInc [WIP]

anarchy inc

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Inspired by and made to complement the use of:
http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37914-sims-4-majestics-female-nude-skins/  (nipples might be offset in other nude skin mods, compatibility testers needed)
http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37076-sims-4-invisible-real-clothing/ (Not needed, but I used his property IDs so that when both are installed it will look cleaner in the UI)

Included in this simple pack are;
Spiked barbell nipple rings

Circular spikes

Black tape crosses

band-aid nipples (This one was a pain, any time the band-aid is flesh colored the texture goofs up. Fine tuning of the transparency and using a 4096x8192 template seemed to help)

You'll only notice bad pixels if you zoom all the way in.


Also included (just for the hell of it);

Thigh high fishnet stockings (removed and added to different package)

Pubes for shaved skins

Haste-fully made black thongs (removed and added to different package)

To do list:
Clit piercings (meshes needed, it looks like shit other wise)

More variety in colors/types of piercings



Tools used;

S4PE, colormagic, and Gimp 2.8

If someone wants to share this, link back to this site only. I will only update this here. Other than that, I could care less.


Changed item slot used to match ear ring piercings, you can now wear breastless corsets (currently working on a set) and not have to go without pierced nipples.

Removed misc items as they had nothing to do with piercings.



Mod is no longer being supported: I became bored with this game after a few hours and needed hard drive space for my 30gb mod folder in Skyrim. Attached is "mod.zip" if anyone wants to take over, it includes all the original files that I used to create the mod. I only ask that you don't upload to any pay wall sites.

Piercings can be found under "tops" or "shirts", I forget what they are called in game. I used a bit of a workaround so that you can have piercings and a corset top at the same time. Might overwrite the equipt of ear piercings if I recall.

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Mod is no longer being supported: I'm uninstalling to make room for games that I actually play. I've attached my working mod folder to the original post for anyone that might want to take over.

BTW; You can locate them in game under the same icon as http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37076-sims-4-invisible-real-clothing/ if installed, as a selectable color choice. As stated in the original post.

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