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Female character being reffered as male.


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As the title explains I want to my character to be reffered as a male, even though it is a female. It must be simple I just can't figure out what to do, it has to do with dialogs, but I don't know, It must be simple, you change the sex via console commands and the guards and other people start immediately calling you ''he'', you change it back and you are ''she'' again. It can't be complicated D:


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I got pretty close tho. Since console command sexchange change the body and not the face, I used thar in my favor. Made a custom race where the male body where using female meshes and textures, with sexchange command i kept the female face and got the male body that was female's actually. Next step change male custom race animations so it look females, done perfect female being reffered as male, but the command sexchange is fucked up, after i saved and loaded it would become a creepy face, no my pretty one.

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