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ECE Slider tech support : want to add a new slide


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I know this must be a stupid question for some, but here it is.


I've been an ECE user for months now and i love how it add new feature / customize-able parts to Skyrim's "Stiff" character creation menu. I really love the editable Weapon on Back size specially for a greatword user :cool: but the mod is limited to just that scale. If you unsheathe your weapon it'll go back to it's original size (duh, it only works on weapons sheathed not unsheathed), i know but seeing Racemenu has a slider for unsheathed weapon size i just want to know if i can/how to add a slider to ECE for weapon size when "Unsheathed". Also i want to know if anyone made this already and would like to know if i can use it personally  :D

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