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General XEdit Help - In this case FNV


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Without seeing the left most part I can only guess, but that is how xEdit merge process works. If a mod purposely remove things from its "master" list, another mod putting them back will be ignored, as this mod will not have modified their shared master.


The process ignores intervening mods that are not explicit masters of the currently analyzed one.


So all the items in red were removed by the mod named ...X-DLCMerged.esp, and the merging process preserve this removal.


To manually go through the process, take all the mods referencing that list one by one, in the context they are expected to run, ie with only their explicit masters, and note how they modify the list. The merged patch should contain only that.

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So in other words, mods will not likely remove something unless they need to right? The one on the left was another WMX patch and the modern weapons patch is only overriding it because it was removing unneeded things? (They are by the same author, and I assume they are intended to work together.  The load order is also sorted by LOOT so it isn't like the other one should be going first.

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I have a third question as well for quests in FNVEdit.  


1) Should I be merging quest scripts in FNVEdit or is this done in the Geck or automatically?

       I am pretty sure doing it this way is wrong as the script likely needs to be recompiled and assigned a proper size.

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