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Trying to find mods I used to use~


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So, as the title states, I'm trying to find mods I used more than 6 months ago before my laptop bit the dust. I've recently (within 3 weeks) gotten it fixed, and now am attempting to mod it again. This will be more or less a series of questions, which will be added when they come up. Right now, I'm trying to find the nude female body, with basic jiggle physics. I'm combing through nexusmods, and have CBBE and a couple of different UNP mods, but neither had the desired effect I was looking for~

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Look for HDT Physics and its brethren, High Heels(optional) and more importantly BBP (the jiggles).

Now while bodytype is personal preference and there are a lot of them, hybrids and whatnot. CBBE with its Bodyslide is pretty powerful.


What mod manager are you using? Since you're starting over I highly recommend Mod Organizer, but of a learning curve, but well worth it

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If you are going to use MO then you will need to do it with a clean install. That means no NMM or manual installs (since the biggest feature of MO is the fact it doesn't add anything to your Skyrim/data folder, therefore means you can't break it and need to reinstall in the future). So if you're going to use it do it now and not later. I would HIGHLY suggest using it, though.

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