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Not enough space for mod?


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I have 2 storage devices, one is an SSD (which I'm using) the other is a 1tb storage device. My SSD (local disk C;)is only 10gb, so I download and put everything on the my 1tb (Local disk E;). How come when I to install mods to my skyrim folder, which is in Local disk E; cause my steam is on there. It keep taking space from SSD. Now my SSD is down to like 10mb, and all I am doing is trying to re-install a mod. Why does the mod doesn't give back space when I uninstall it? Yet it keep taking more space when I'm reinstalling it?

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I think it is because Windows creates temporary folders and files during certain actions. I'm not sure if that is reason in your case.


Not related to Skyrim per say, but just as you, I have a SSD  as well (mine is only 40GB) and I started to play around with a program.

It turns out I needed to download a few files, and when it asked me where I wanted it to be stored, I told it "on my 2TB hdd" but during the download, the program or windows, can't say which one, placed it on SDD, until whole file were downloaded and then moved it to the correct folder.


So maybe there is something similar in your case.

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That I can't unfortunately answer. Maybe somewhere in a Windows temp folder. But I'm not that techy, so can't say where.


A theory I have, is that, when you installed the mod, Windows did it's thing, and created some temp files.

It discovered your were low on space, and canceled the action. But still left hose temp files on your SDD.

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Install CClener (free edition), run it and clean all the temp files.

This usually get rid of zip, rar, and 7zip files that are created by mod manager.


Not sure this will  help but maybe is a try.


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