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Blender 2.49b Skyrim head morph question


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Hello folks!


First things first: I knowhow to do basic things in Blender, can convert armours, deal with very basic rigging like parenting to skeletons, fix dismemberment partitions yadayadayada... so I would describe myself as slightly advanced.


I have a question: I want to deform a human head ("malehead.nif" from Jiiteks COTS) in blender in a way that it has elven ears, because adding elven ears via Nifskope or Blender as additional meshes works only half way. These ears do not change their colour in Race Menu 2.9+ (still worked in RM 2.7 though), and I think it's generally better to edit the head and sculpt an elven ear out of the human one.


I already did that with the malehead.nif, got the head exported, it shows up in the game, but of course the prob is that there are no morph meshes in it and the head looks pretty daaaaamn ugly.


Now I imported the "malehead.tri" with all the shape keys in Blender. My question now would be if I can transfer those into my already edited malehead.nif or if I have do it the other way round and add the elven ears to each and every single shape key in the malehead.tri (and the other tri files that belong to the head as well). And if so, how can I achieve that every shape key has exactly the same ear deform as my edited malehead.nif? Can I copy the ear deformation of the malehead.nif to the single shape keys?


So in short: I need a bit of help for Skyrim head mesh editing, but I don't need completely new morphs, I just want to have a basic human head shape changed so that it has pointy ears.



I hope someone can help me out there - in any case: Thanks for reading!

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