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Newmiller - if you are out there, I want to do a full conversion of your work


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I've read a few threads about the disappearance of newmiller's stuff from the Nexus.  It smells like a dead horse, but I'm walking up to it anyway... flies and all.


I want to convert all of his stuff to use the 7bUNP body:  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56463/? And I want to do it all in one mod.


If memory serves, he had open permissions on everything.  Not knowing specifically why he pulled everything, I'm hesitant to go forward with any conversions.


If the real newmiller would please stand up.. and say yea or nay to my request, it would be most appreciated.  :)

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I looked through some of his friends and don't see any of his friends that are here or that I know. I like seeing some older mod that isn't being maintained getting breaths of fresh air. :D


If you had some screen capture or someone here could verify that he did have open permissions you might be able to continue with your project here. I would run it through the moderators / Admin first to make sure that they also agree that he had open permissions. In the end of course they would side with the artist if he did decide to change his mind or there were some confusion.


Best of luck. What I see of your project that you linked looks good.

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