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I came across these mods just now and thought people here might like to know about them


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I like the idea of the first 2 mods, but TBH they are sort of useless for any kind of gameplay if they can't change the outfits too.

Let's say you have UNP outfits installed, then loot a bandit and suddenly... boom! Huge spherical "SiliconeBase" breasts coming out of nowhere. My internal logic just won't play along with that.


While EBD only changes the outfits but not the body, which is just as silly.

Problem is that even if you would have outfits for 10 different bodies installed, then the game engine would probably give up.



The only real solution is to make a Bodyslide shape with a large difference between 0 and 100 weight.

So you can at least describe a onedimensional [thin -> fat] or [petite -> muscular] anatomy.

Although many people would prefer a threedimensional [ > thin < > fat < > muscular < ] body system.


So we can just hope that Skyrim 2 or Fallout 4 will have some kind of body morph system like in The Sims, although that's not a realistic expectation when you see how their games had less features and creativity with each new release.

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Ima playing as a shapeshifter butcher, so Bodytypes has been an essential mod for me for a long long time. In fact I use Bodytypes+Master of disguise+some sexlab plugins to simulate all the infiltration+internal killing thing. BT is far more complex and (el tio) Kalambre updates its mod till this present day, which is always a good thing...bodychange in exchange is long gone "abandoned" and it's a tad buggy with custom races, or anything that involve custom .tri's.

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