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TES5edit errors

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I am in the process of redoing all my mods. I am attempting to merge my followers into one esp useing TES5edit when I get an error. And this is what the report says: <EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 00737669 in module 'TES5Edit.exe'. Read of address 064502D2>. I get this with it just loading the mods and it is eating ALOT of memory when it does this. Any help would be great.

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Try merging all suspected esps into one with the xEdit merge script, if it fails, remove the esps one by one and repeat the process.


If it succeeds you have found corrupt plugins. Worked for me anyway. Sometimes old plugins have overlapping formids which can ruin your game abruptly after long stable sessions. Avoid those plugins at all costs.

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