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Simple Bodytype Question


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No takers for this question?  The reason I ask is that I know I can add the 7base preg mesh to UNPB and have a figure that looks like a 7base character.  I've used the actual 7base mod before but I didn't like the constant spinning animation (seriously, who thinks that is a good idea), the lack of a 360 degree camera and the VHH walk.  All that comes packed with UNPB Redux.  I know I can download those mods separately but I would rather download one mod rather than three for the same overall effect.


What I don't know is if I'm missing anything critical or interesting by not using the actual 7base mod?

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I don't use either body, but the "mesh" is just the name for the 3d model.


So if you install the 7base body mesh on top of UNPB, then you no longer have UNPB but 7base with UNPB hands and feet.


Also you can customize your animation setup yourself, even use the "gender specific animations" of FNIS so females jump different than men and all that.

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The 7b nexus page has an optional file that "removes" the animations by replacing them with vanilla ones. Or, if you know what you're doing, you can delete the anims yourself.


Lastly, if you'd prefer to keep the UNPB body, Jbezorg actually has a pregnant UNPB BBP pregnant body mesh right here : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/149-estrus-chaurus/  Check the download page, you'll see the main mod, Alternate Textures for estrus and the UNPB pregnant mesh.



EDIT : Heck you know what, I'll tell you how to delete the animations. All you gotta do is delete the animation folder from "Data/meshes/actors/characters/" in your sevenbase mod (either through MO if you'Re using it, otherwise you'll have to download manually en do it via winRar)

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Thanks for the replies.  I have downloaded the extra files when I first tried 7base.  I also had to add VHH and 360 camera so I guess that is that.  If there is no difference then the UNPB loader is a nice little mod that adds a few extras and saves me from adding mods to the load order.


MadPrince, thanks for the link to the unpb preg mesh, I have that one and others.  I was simply thinking of playing a game with 7base and was wondering what the best way to proceed would be.

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