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What are some UNP armors with stockings/socks/hosiery?


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For stockings I favour the slavetats mod with bels stocking pack as it is not bodytpye dependant.


The stockings are an overlay rather than an item, it has a couple of different style types and colour & tint/ink choices just like the tattoo overlays.


By not being an item it won't fight other mods for armour slots :) and can be changed/removed at any time from the MCM menu.

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There are a lot of them for UNP/B out there. Just do a search on Nexus and you'll find plenty. Like Bounding Bodices and Booties has a big assortment in it, for example. Newmiller has made several (the Casual bikini, gloves and shoes mod has a wide variety and there's another of his with HDT high heels to boot).

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