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Custom nameable inventory chests?


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I am looking for a mod, or someone who could make a mod, that would let me create a storage box (bag, crate, box, etc.) that I could then name whatever I want it to be. I could then put items from my inventory into this box, and then bring the box back into my inventory. The box's name in my inventory would be whatever I named it. I have a bunch of stuff in my inventory, that I don't want to get rid of, but would like to organize in my inventory better. If someone knows of a mod that does this, something close to it, or could make it, I would really appreciate that!


As a bonus, but for me at least, not fully needed, but to make it less of a cheat device, you could make the boxes weight become the total of everything inside of it.

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Well that is pretty dang awesome! Now I can just download an equipable and useable bags mod, and combine it with this mod. I remember a console command for oblivion that let you rename npc's. I was sad that it was removed in skyrim. If I rename a chest, or another container, does it become a unique container? Such that I can use the add item command to spawn as many containers as I need, and have each one become unique and hold different items?

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