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Is it possible to add fangs to the ningheim race?


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I am using the modded ningheim race but I am a werewolf and not a vampire. I want to add fangs to my character similar to the ones in better vampire fangs and eyes or the realistic teeth mod, but I don't know how. Is this possible and if so how would I go about doing it?



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I think this is a cool idea, so i loaded up tes5edit and started checking. I'm no expert on this matter, so feel free to correct me:


Apparently there is only one mesh for humanoid teeth, which is also used by Ningheim. The vampire fangs are not a different mesh, instead i think that the .tri files control how the mesh is getting transformed when the race changes to the vampire version.


Loading everything up in the CK, and looking under "headparts" could be a start.


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Apparently you can also just shape the teeth like that in the headmesh. This is just a regular Nord Female right after starting the game.

Didn't test what happens when this character turns into a vampire though.

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Just for completeness's sake, what did you use to shape the headmesh? ECE?

I imported heads with RaceMenu 3 from all kinds of follower mods i have in my skyrim archive. And i only noticed this one has fangs while making some screenshots for another mod.


So i went and tested if this can be done from scratch with RaceMenu too:


Here we go, regular Breton Male with fangs. The pictures should answer most questions.


And no idea about ECE, i think you can only vertex edit the shape of the headmesh itself with that mod. Outdated and no longer recommended.

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