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Is there a way to vary body texture via time of month?


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Sooo - I was thinking about this the other day, and was wondering if it is theoretically possible to vary body texture by time of month, so, ie. your char is a werewolf, and as it gets closer to the full moon, the char's textures get hairier? I know that textures can be changed via variable, as there's that body musle changer thing mod on the nexus which uses different normal maps depending on char weight...

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Just taking a guess, but you may distinguish between:

- body mesh (the 3D model, changeable by mods to become heavier, more muscular etc.)
- texture / skin (the 2D model, projected over the mesh)
- other effects that blend over the texture (like transformations, the scripted effect of the ebony mail etc.)

There are mods that allow changes to the texture look (Slavetats e.g.); also there are mods like "wet & cold" or "getting snowy", but I believe they do not change the texture, but blend over the existing look. Which in general should be a similar effect like the bukake mods. I'm guessing, this mod is also the same mechanic.

Okay, enough of the brain storming. I think it would be very difficult to create a mod that adds the requested features without giving your character a weird look (remember the pure number of texture packs, and it should still have a believable look with the mod at work).

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