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A question regaring custom armor from scratch


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Hello everyone, I apreciate you taking time to read this.

So, the question is pretty straightforward - I've got armor textures from one game in .dds format.

They are pictures, viewable in a simple image viewer and look strange.



They come in three color schemes, the first one is normal color(i.e how I would expect to see it in game) and the second one is kinda like the color of peach(a fruit)  and the last one is kinda black and white.(more like gray and white)

So, the question is, how I go about bringing those pictures(textures) in game, in form of an armor? 

I would greatly appreciate your help, or at least if you could point me to a tutorial, or maybe share your experience. 

Thank you in advance.

Also, the topic is probably misplaced, for that, I beg your pardon

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