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Looking for some live help maybe through skype?


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Hello y'all,


I'm Jess *waves* just got over pnemonia and it's been a long time since I've played skyrim, trying to remember how to do a ton of stuff, been looking over things and haven't been able to find what all I'm looking for (I know it's my fault) I've read different help topics and aww crap I need to edit this now since I accidently hit enter.


Long story short I am autistic and have a few other inhibitors to where I'm having trouble understanding some processes for custom races etc.


With that being said I tend to work best with verbal instruction, would anyone be willing to call me on skype and walk me through some setup of mods? (adult and sfw), (I do feel I understand the basics and use a variety of NMM, steam, and LL, as well as other mod sites)  If so please respond and I will gladly give you my skype info. (please do not be alarmed by my voice, I am a transgender woman)


(PS I am sorry to any mods, I am unsure where this might go, please feel free to move this to any new location if neccessary, thank  you)

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Dunno why you only need live support, but it would be better off to read on how to get started (and to have your dignity and privacy intact). There are two places for which to begin with (again):





If you intend to mod Skyrim seriously, the use of Mod Organizer is a must but to use it will take much to learn about.

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