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Fixing the sun while using an enb?


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I can't figure out a setting that makes the sun not look so stupid while using a certain enb. This one: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57189/





I like everything about but the sun. I've already tweaked it as much as I could to try and fix the sun but nothing seems to work. Right now my sun looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/TGGUPdz.jpg


I have no idea what setting to alter in order to get it to stop doing this. It messes up the color of everything around it (see where it's dark blue around the sun) and it shows through everything like buildings and trees. It even does this in towns. I don't want to alter the lighting, just the way the sun looks if that's possible.



Would anyone happen to know for sure what settings I need to play with?

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