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SexoutNG Bed Sex Marker

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I am new to script  for a game so i want to know if is possible to make script to make the pc and npc have sex on a bed like something in oblivion that your have to be 5 feet from a bed to have sex on it. auto marker sex bed you only have to be 5 feet the script make the rest of course you need to talk to npc to make the script work. but first i need to make. Please follow me to make the npc follow to near bed then i talk to him/her to start the sex then the sex bed script start with a menu pop up and ask if you want to have sex on the bed or not.


i not know if a mod with this merger on it. I hope everyone understands what I said

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It's quite easy, assuming you want a generic script that can work anywhere:


Use a scanner and sexout's refsurface. Heres, the gist, you can look up the details on GECK wiki / sexout API:


(put the base form of all beds you want to allow in a form list)


let All_Furniture := GetRefs FurnitureTypeCode ; grab all the furniture in the cell
foreach entry <- All_Furniture
    let FurnitureREF := *entry
    if FurnitureREF.IsInList MyFormListOfBedBaseForms
        if SexActor.GetDistance FurnitureREF < MAX_DISTANCE
             call fnSexoutActSetRef "RefSurface", FurnitureREF
             break ; we found a bed, so end loop now



That will do it. To get things perfected will take extra work, but you can worry about that later.

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