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Weird SKSE problem I am absolutely stumped!


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Last few days, I installed a new clean skyrim on my new computer which runs windows 8.1. (before I ran it on windows 7). Here is the problem explained in step by step:


1. fresh install skyrim.

2. install skse.

3. start new game and runs fine.

4. exit and install unofficial skyrim patch or any mod that doesn't dependent on skse.

5. start new game and runs fine.

6. exit and install skyUI or race menu or any mod depend on skse

7. start new game and infinite loop.

8. uninstall the mods dependent on skse

9. start new game and infinite loop.

10. exit and delete skyrim folder in my document (with skse dependent mods still uninstalled)

11. start new game and runs fine.


Tried troubleshoot:

1. set bEnableFileSelection to 0 and it loads again.

2. tried isolating skyrim files in my document to see which setting has changed. Nothing has changed from the one that works and the one that doesnt. 


However from #2 of troubleshooting, I was able to figure out when ever skyrim sets new files in my document, it will work. It is none of the files in my document that changed. But the reset that makes it work. 

a. start new game and infinite loop.

b. deleted the files in my document. (file goes to recycle bin)

c. start new game and runs fine.

d. recover from recycle bin and replace the current files from the one that were recovered (the files that had infinite loop last time) 

e. start new game and runs fine. My assumption is when ever skyrim creates new set of files in my document, it resets a variable somewhere.

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