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want to give it a go (animating)


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so i've always been pretty bothered by skyrims default animations, and unfortunately we dont really have any attack animation mods. Mainly just stances and walking/running. Seems like most of the animating is focused on sex animations(which i don't mind at all). I'm assuming animating is really hard, but I figured I might as well give it a whirl.


So my question is can I use a free program like Blender and learn how to animate with a program like that? Once again I'm clueless in this so any help would be appreciated. And i'd rather use a free program as I just want to test the waters, and not invest too much into this.

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Theres a way to go about animating for skyrim with free stuff, its just a reall pain in the ass to setup, i couldnt get it to work which is why i think they should seriously make a portable standalone version.

i wish it was easy to setup because i have so many awesome animation ideas for the sexlab section of skyrim that havent been done yet :(

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