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Tessellating Parts of A Skinned Mesh? [3DS Max 2014]

Jayce Dimmer

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'Ello lads. Got a lil' conundrum.


I'm working on an overhaul of my Vanilla -> Bodyslide conversion set, but I've hit a snag; I can't subdivide parts of a mesh object.


I can subdivide the entire mesh with no issue, but if I select the faces/polygons (tried both selections) and click tessellate on the right-hand panel...When I attempt to save the .nif file, I get an error on how there are vertices without any skin weights; this does not occur if I refrain from tesselating.


I have tried the following: copy the skin modifier, convert the object to an editable poly, tessellate my selection, convert to an editable mesh, paste the skin modifier, add the BSDismember modifier with the value "Skyrim body", and then export.


Which doesn't throw the error, but the mesh that I did the above on disappears in-game. The base shape (the body parts) are fine, however. There is no wireframe data for the outfit when it is equipped, so it's not a texture issue; it's to do with the actual geometry.


Any ideas on what I can do? I'd really prefer not tessellating the entire mesh; it's unneccessary and drags down performance for those with lesser cards.


Here's an image, for what it's worth.


Note: The red polygons are the ones I wish to tessellate.



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Do yourself a favour.


Don't be an elewin.


Quadrify your mesh first before you try to subdivide it. Other wise you'll get this gorgeous mess:







AFAIK, in 2014 3dsmax, the only way you can do partial subdivisions is through vertex and edge selection modes. (never tried face selections because usually when people mean by "highpoly", they don't mean just more polygon's they also mean more vertices. Which is especially the case for smoother Outfit Studio style sliders or morphs)


Also, I don't think you can subdivide on a mesh modifier, you need an editable poly. (Also, I'm not sure why you would want the subdivison on another modifier, as the changes it makes are permanent anyway and switching between the modifiers will only screw it up. Safer to just include it in the base modifier)

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