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Better Vampire eyes & Fangs


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Hi i have the mood better vampire face and fangs installed with Dva and i am not sure if the fangs are showing up on my character or not i tried opening the lips with racemenu but cant see them at all i also tried getting into combat and noting happened is there a way to see them on my character 

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There is a mod that lets you change your expressions on the fly with console. It has some other neat information too.


Just click in your char and type "mp 1 100". That is BigAah at Max.

Reset: mfg reset

Aha yes that worked i did'nt need the mod but when you mentioned the big Aah expression i remembered seeing it in racemenu and it works before i think i was trying to use racemenu to try and open the lips but it only moves the top lip not the bottom where the fangs are visible 

Thank you :)

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