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ReQuest:Renamon Follower


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OK I have a request out there for modders.Someone make a very well working Renamon character please.

I like this modding community because it is a lot more mature than others.

The issue is i went to Steam Workshop for Skyrim mod characters.An it is a Tradition to add a Renamon character to games.Like the Sims,Fallout3 an so on.Like the Sliders series.Or Star trek.Well i went to Steam an downloaded Renamon Follower from [FP] Dafini's



I made a few request for some changes to the character found.Because i though

" Well he did a good job for what limited models could be created.Well done!"

Then i saw some videos.





After seeing that then comparing it to what he gave us.Pretty much i felt we were getting ripped off.The character he uploaded.The mouth does not move.The eyes do not blink.Minor issues right?


Yeah just minor issues.Here is the problem.The character is level 1.The character kind of moves like a blocky character.No real animation to the character.The character mapping is horrible and poor.Not Good not great not excellent an definitely not perfect.Poor like a D- in skill.Arms are disjointed an move like they`re broken.In every battle the character is floored in like 1 hit.I used UFO to try to fix this.But you don't get much you can do to fix this character.It is too basic.Like no though was put into it.

Inigo on the other hand is very well fleshed out.this is from smartbluecat's Workshop.



Also compared to Arissa - The Wandering Rogue


and Serana.The Renamon is just crappy yourself in the elevator embarrassing.

When you compare side by side the characters.I had to say something.I requested to please fix the character,add more features use new innovations.( I mean i`m struggling to find stuff for the creator to do to make this creation work better in game.)Then he says some weird things to me.Like some sort of a creeper.I cant put my finger on it.I almost think he stole the characters.But i am not gonna make accusations but.This person seems creepy.So I did the right thing but unsubscribing an thumbs downing his creation.It really should not be on the Steam Workshop.I need someone with talent to just make a better one.Or a crew of people who want to sustain art who will just do this.


I made one final request an he said i`m not making a dating Sim.I at that point could not understand what he was talking about.You know when you get those question marks around peoples heads?I am starting to understand what those mean.Because i was legitimately confused.So if someone can help me out here.I would really appreciate it.Not with money!But with my thanks.

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