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Looking for a futa mesh mod


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  In the Futanari-21408.7z the dicks are with Body. Only if you don't like the Body you need NifSkope.

What do you want ? Bigger dicks or different Body ?



Open the mesh with the dick you like with NifSkope

post-3205-0-70389500-1415420492_thumb.jpg post-3205-0-95578000-1415420505_thumb.jpg

1- click on the dick

2- in the Block list you see the blue highlighted line (3)

4- right click the blue line,

5- click "Block" - "Copy Branch"


Open the lowerbody you want in a second NifSkope


6- in the Block List right click "Scene Root" ( may be another Name. The NiNode)

7- click "Block" - "Paste Branch"

save the nif

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