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Looking for an ENB


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Hey i am wondering what ENB's work with CoT & Supreme storms i have found some my self like real vision but it was too saturated for me

and maybe speced to be to performance friendly also vividen i tried that did'nt like it too much skylight is pretty good but i get some weird graphic glitches with it sometimes.


So i am just wondering if i missed some or if you guys know any better ones that are compatible or if you know an enb that enables a good weather system i know they do on there own but not as nice as CoT well in my opinion alright Thanks

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Right now I am using RealVision. It is a bit too vibrant in colours for my taste, but it works well with CoT and I think it works with Supreme Storms as well.

I am using Mod Organizer (yay to MO!!!) and RealVision is quite easy to install with it.

yeah i may try this one but i decided to remove COT and go back to Bleak ENB still one of my favorites and yes MO is Awesome saves me from messing up my data directory :)

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Compatible with CoT and performance friendly (as much as it can be), you have project ENB for example.

Yeah i have tried this before but it CTD my game i tried it again same thing it's funny only enb so far that ctd my game that authors seasons of skyrim worked fine for me but Thanks



A CTD will happen if you happen to run the game with lots of huge textures (anything over 2k and DXT5) and high-poly meshes and at desktop resolution, and an ENB preset, on a less-than-optimal system -- the bigger they are they harder the PC have to fetch them from disk and load them into memory for several times, and all this does eat up performance.


BTW, you haven't said about your PC specs, because of course ENB demand a big deal to improve visual quality.

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