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7base body missing body texture


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So, there I was. Not having played Skyrim for a couple of months, I wanted to start anew. Completely reinstalled the game and started adding mods. I usually start by adding body mods (skeleton, bodyreplacer, textures, etc.).


I chose the 7base body, cause its pretty much my favorite xD Anyhow... I had this problem prior to this day, but it somehow disappeared, which didn't actually help me localize its source. Now it's there again. Missing body texture, although everything is properly situated in the "textures" subfolder "female".


Maybe one of you experts has an idea, cause I'm totally out of ideas xD


Attached pic is NSFW, for obvious reasons xD




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Hmm, checked that, seems to be okay.

It's weird. As I said, I had this issue with 7base before. All the body variants (7base) seem to be fine, though (regarding the texture paths).

Edit: it's weird, because sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't.

I had the 7base body set up perfectly, before I uninstalled the whole game including mods.


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