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Is there a mod to wear CLOTHE beneath armour?


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Well, I think there must have a bunch of people asked about this since that you can wear robe under armour in previous TES?? I hear that you can. So what I'm gonna to ask is that "Is it possible to wear SOMETHING beneath your armour instead of just underwear?" First, I haven't learn more about middle age people... BUT as I know, people in that time does wear multiple clothe so that they won't get chilly? I mean, northern people. By watching films, it seems that knights wear chain mail under their armour. Well, I think people must wear something no matter what it is under armour, isn't it? By the way, there's another question is a little be nasty, I supposed. Do the 15 century underwear really looks like that showing in Skyrim? Does the mod Sexy Lingerie(Or maybe not that name, I mean the mod gives u numerous lingerie) lore friendly? Do women wear BRA that time? Or maybe they wear others thing not called bra, since I google that, but at least wear whatever it is to cover their treasure, umm... u know what I mean! Lol. What does the underwear looks like in 15 century? I know Skyrim is a fantasy game, but netizen said that Skyrim is much like 15 century. I just want it be more realistic, I think only wearing underwear beneath armour is ridiculous, maybe not? I don't quite know about middle age... As far I only familiar to Chinese history. In conclusion, is there a mod for that? I just want to made the game more immersion, wearing more clothes at a time. :/

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there's what to wear, or, unp petite dropout, or...


it's not that hard to make it yourself if you want to add something under another thing


to put that under an armor


you load it in bodyslide as reference (blender is better for that, but you have to know how it work)

then you load the armor you want to put on it


and you just get the armor bigger where the thing under clip


that's it, then you just copy paste the reference into the armor mesh before saving it (or you add a piece for the thing under, craft it and wear it under the armor)

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