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just an idea for a mod


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So I was thinking when you kill a mob you can't fuck em unless you have a necromancing mod and some mobs are just too damn dangerous to be left alive so why not make a mod that allows you to take their penis? You can trap their soul in a soulgem and implant their soul in the penis basically turning them in to a living dildo that is capable of cuming.


Another example and use for this mod is say: yer traveling by horse when yer attacked by a mob, ya survive but they got yer horse so now you can't have sex with it anymore, so you take a soulgem (any size will do even frags) you cast a spell, take off the horsecock then implant then the horses soul in to his penis and vuala instint Cumming horsecock dilldo. Anywho like I said just a thought if it doesn't happen no big deal

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