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CK Tutorial for custom potion recipe


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After a bit of googling, I am unsatisfied in my search for an online tutorial/walkthrough on creating a custom potion recipe in CK. Any tips? I find lots on potion "containers", crafting recipes, but not new unique potions that use standard vanilla ingredients...



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Simple answer: You can't.


Well not entirely true. The problem with the potion system is there are no fixed receiped like for armor or weapons. Instead every ingredient has 4 effects and a potion will be created by mixing those effects. Although you could change the magic effects and add to some of the ingredients your desired magic effect but I would advise you not to do it.


What you could do is to create a recipe for your potion and set the keyword to the smithing forge for example.


Another way would be to introduce new ingredients which the player can collect and let the vanilla potion crafting system do its work. Copy the ingredients you would like to use, change them to your liking and just let them sell by vendors for example (or create leveled lists to let them appear in barrels and chests).

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